Raptors of Singapore

There are about 36 species of raptors that can be found in Singapore – 7 residents, 18 migrants, 4 non-breeding visitors and 7 vagrants. Traditionally, these are all placed in Order Falconiformes.

The resident White-bellied Sea Eagle and Brahminy Kite are the most commonly seen raptors in Singapore, not just on the mainland, but also on offshore islands. Changeable Hawk Eagle and Grey-headed Fish Eagle used to be rare, but are now more common. Crested Goshawk is also getting more common. Crested Serpent Eagle remains rare. The only one getting less common is the Black-winged Kite. It used to be common, but is now uncommon due to loss of grassland habitat.

The most common of the migrants are Black Baza, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Japanese Sparrowhawk and Chinese Sparrowhawk. Huge flocks can be seen during peak migratory season. The rest are uncommon to very rare.

Of the four non-breeding visitors, the most common is the Osprey; the rest – Bat Hawk, Blyth’s Hawk Eagle and Black-thighed Falconet – are very rare.

The rest are the very rare vagrants. Some have only a single record, like Oriental Hobby.


3 Responses to Home

  1. Douglas Ong says:

    Great site guys. Thanks so much for the hard work and love put into this site 🙂

    Has anyone seen a large raptor sitting on the streetlamp watching the traffic go by along the PIE? He’s always there about sunset 6-7pm between Lornie Road entrance to PIE and Eng Neo Avenue. Looks like a crested goshawk but its always low light and I’m driving …. would be nice to know who the fella is.

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